Différents produits soudés et coupés

Machines to weld and/or cut by sonics

Stand de soudure statique - Cera 100
Cera 100 “New version”

Ultrasonic welding station

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Cera Ultrasonic, machine à coudre par ultrasons
Cera UltraSonic - Ultrasonic sewing

The very last version, 35 kHz, easy to use for a wide range of applications.

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Nos kits Ultrasons
Ultrasonic Kit

High speed ultrasonic seaming Rotary process up to 350 m/min

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Ultrasonic cutting, CR-US

(2 versions for the feeding of the ribbon: Ribbon pushed, Ribbon pulled)
Machine to cut ribbons, straps by sonics.

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Cera Engineering

Expert in continuous ultrasonic welding process

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