Cera 100 avec sonotrode large

Cera 100 “New version”

• Ultrasonic cutting
• Ultrasonic welding
• Simultaneous ultrasonic cut / weld
• Ultrasonic shape cutting

You are interested in our technology but you have more specific needs? Check the different standard modules we use on this machine and see how you could integrate them to a more personalized machine.

Fabric features
Any type of thermofusible fabric

Technical features
• Sonics: 20 kHz, 1000 ou 2000 W,
Advanced generator
• Electrical tension: 220 V single phase 50 or 60 Hz, 5 A
• Overall machine dimensions:
– Machine dimensions (in m.): 1.00 x 0.64 x 0.75
– Weight: 114 kg

Why Cera Engineering ?
Because we combine years of experienced know-how in ultrasonic welding, with a technical expertise as a manufacturer of production machines. Industrial equipment at competitive prices. A wide range of cutting and welding tooling.

Other machines to ultrasonically cut and weld
Cera Engineering manufactures a range of ultrasonic welding machines dedicated to continuous and intermittent welding, cutting and marking of thermo-fusible fabrics.
CERA Ultrasonic machine – Ultrasonic machine to cut, weld and mark in continuous
CERA Ultrasonic Kit – Ultrasonic kit to cut, weld and mark in continuous
CERA CR-US machine – Ultrasonic cutting machine, programmable to provide straight and inclined cutting of thermo-fusible fabrics

Cera Engineering

Expert in continuous ultrasonic welding process

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