Cera Ultrasonic

No more thread, no more needle, no more glue! When designing the Cera UltraSonic, our goal was to createa machine with the highest precision and performance in terms of continuous ultrasonic welding.

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Continuous ultrasonic welding expertise

Continuous ultrasonic welding can follow two models: Continuous ultrasonic welding with rotating sonotrode and wheel or Continuous ultrasonic welding with a fix sonotrode and a turning drum.

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coupe rotative
Continuous mechanical rotary cutting

The continuous mechanical rotary cutting allows you to get a straight cut at high speeds while the fabric is in movement (scissors cutting).

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Gloves machines - Up to 48,000 gloves/h

New ! To manufacture single-use nonwoven gloves for medical applications (Hospitals, clinics, nurseries, maternity homes, retirement homes). Speed in production: 48,000 gloves / hour !

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At Cera Engineering, innovation is the key.

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Simple and multiple folding

Today, our know-how allows us to integrate modules to realize different types of folds into you future machines.

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Soudure statique - Welding static
Static welding

Our customized static welding module enables you to assemble without any thread, needle, glue, nor any added fabric...

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Machine à fabriquer des masques chirurgicaux - Surgical mask machine1
Surgical mask machine

When designing our new machine to manufacture surgical masks, our goal was to provide a machine with the highest performance in assembling masks thanks to our know-how in installing sonics into production machines.

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Datadock Referencing

We have been referenced in the DATADOCK database since 2017.

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Machine à charlottes
Bouffant cap machine - news

Producing up to 12 000 pieces per hour through a 100 meters per minute line speed, our bouffant cap making machine allows to manufacture in quantity high quality bouffant caps.

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audit cera engineering ISO 9001

The renewal audit according to the 2015 version of ISO 9001 standard was held successfully in February 2018.

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Cera 520

Economical and efficient. Producing up to 1200 pieces per hourwith 30 kHz sonics, while giving the operator the possibility to control up to 4 machines.

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Cera UltraStrap

Cera Engineering is very pleased to present to you its Cera UltraStrap machine for the automatic assembly of straps.

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What is ultrasonic welding?

How does ultrasonic welding work?

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Soudure ultrason en continu_ultrasonic continuous assembling processes
Continuous assembling processes

Continuous assembling process? No stop of the web during the assembling process.

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Cera Engineering

Expert in continuous ultrasonic welding process

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