Continuous ultrasonic welding expertise


At Cera Engineering, continuous ultrasonic welding can follow two models:

Continuous ultrasonic welding with rotating sonotrode and wheel

In this case, the sonotrode is made of steel or titanium, and has a tulip shape (what enables to work on a 8 to 12mm width) or is a “double bearing” one (what enables to work on a 45mm width). The latter type of sonotrode makes the process more rigid, more solid and strictly parallel.

Opposite to the active face of the sonotrode, an avril turns by 0 to 45mm width.

Here, the drum and the sonotrode are turning in the same direction as the product is unrolled.

This first type of continuous ultrasonic welding is used on our ultrasonic sewing machines (Rotosonic and Cera Ultrasonic), on our machines to manufacture leg cuffs, to manufacture bouffant caps or to manufacture masks. These machines can reach a 350m/min production capacity.


Continuous ultrasonic welding with a fix sonotrode and a turning drum

In this case, a fix sonotrode faces the drum, with a 20 kHz frequency. In some applications four sonotrodes are facing the drum, so as to work on 0 to 800mm widths.

Here, the drum turns while the sonotrode is fixed.

This second type of continuous ultrasonic welding is used on our special machines and on our machines to manufacture gloves, which can reach an 80m/min production capacity.

Cera Engineering

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