Machine à fabriquer des masques chirurgicaux - Surgical mask machine

Surgical mask machine


Productivity, automatism, performance  

When designing our new machine to manufacture surgical masks, our goal was to provide a machine with the highest performance in assembling masks thanks to our know-how in installing sonics into production machines.

Producing up to 12 000 pieces per hour through a 35 meters per minute line speed, our machine to manufacture surgical masks allows to produce in quantity high quality masks, certified for medical, hospital, pharmaceutical or food-processing, cosmetics, electronics …

Through its new design and high technology, the machine to manufacture surgical masks automatically assembles three non-woven or more in several operations, and controls production parameters by means of a camera to assure the highest reliability of the finished products.

While working with our machine to manufacture surgical masks, take all the advantages of fully automatic process in terms of performance and reliability.

Cera Engineering

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