The following steps are carried out in automatic:
· Putting the ribbon to length
· Welding the elastic on the axis of the slide
· Traditional threading around the slide
· Ultrasonic cutting of the ribbon to length
The Cera 520 can also :
· Cut by sonics only
· Mark by sonics (option)

You are interested in our technology but you have more specific needs? Check the different standard modules we use on this machine and see how you could integrate them to a more personalized machine.

Ribbon and slides specifications
Ribbon :
· Maxi length : 999 mm
· Mini length :
– for the welding on the slide : 30 mm
– for traditional threading : 50 mm
· Maxi width : 23 mm (25 mm upon request)
· Mini width : 8 mm (6 mm upon request)
All types of Slides : Plastic, metal, coated …

Technical features
· Output : up to 1,200 pieces / hour
· Sonics : 30 kHz, 1500 W
· Electrical : 220 V single phase, 50 or 60 Hz
· Pneumatic : 6 bar
· Overall machine dimensions :
– Dimensions (in m.) : 1,85 x 0,75 x 1,30 (l x w x h)
– Weight : 500 kg

Why Cera Engineering?
Because we combine years of experienced know-how in ultrasonic welding, with a technical expertise as a manufacturer of production machines. Industrial equipment at competitive prices. A wide range of cutting and welding tooling.

Other machines for the lingerie industry
Cera Engineering manufactures a range of machines for the production of lingerie pieces such as bra straps, bra cups and hook-and-eye.
CERA UltraStrap model – Machine for the production of bra straps (threading of the slide and ring)
CERA UltraStrap_R  – To assemble complete straps in automatic with a strap collector at the exit of the machine (Slide + Ring).
TFR model – Thermoforming machine to produce bra cups
CERA 300 model – Automatic machine to cut hook-and-eye strap

Cera Engineering

Expert in continuous ultrasonic welding process

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